Change the size of an Imageview in android

Ask by : Ruwan Dissanayaka December 01, 2014 22:20

I set the default size of an imageview as width=511 and height=385 . Source of the imageview is from drawable. Based on a dynamic value I need to change the size of the image view or the image fit in to it. For example I want to change the size of the imageview or image inside it to width=140 and height=100

ImageView scale=(ImageView) findViewById(;
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Answer by : BoogerDecember 01, 2014 22:20

If you set the width and height attributes of your ImageView to specific values, the system will automatically scale you images to fit.

Unless I don't understand your question, I think it is as simple as:


To set this in code, try:

LinearLayout.LayoutParams layoutParams = new LinearLayout.LayoutParams(140,100);
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