How can I rename package name without getting any errors/conflicts, if using the android tools to do it

Ask by : user1797423 November 04, 2012 03:52

I renamed the project's package name of an app I made so that I could make another one from the base of the previous one. I used Android tools -> Rename Package Name. No errors found. I did clean the project before proceeding to the next step: opening the new app. However, it force closed on start. But if I had my previous base app on the phone, I couldn't even install the new app: Installation error: INSTALL_FAILED_CONFLICTING_PROVIDER. So it has to be something with the provider not likeing the new package name. I did debug (which im not sure how to use) and it pointed to the in the provider package.

Im not sure what to do... I would really like to rename the package name.

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Answer by : Ragunath JawaharNovember 04, 2012 02:29

Check the package name of the content provider included in your application. I assume you are trying to build an existing app from the source (Google's app / Some open-source app / Your app) that contains a content provider. If you have multiple packages try renaming all of it or just the one that contains the content provider.

You will also have to make sure that the rename is consistent with you AndroidManifest.xml.

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