Cross-Platform Development (iOS/Android/Blackberry) on Windows

Ask by : Bitwize November 04, 2012 13:52

I know this topic has been covered to death here, and I did search before posting this, with none of the answers directly covering this.

I have found multiple solutions for the creation of apps cross-platform; there is the HTML5 + CSS + JS method, using Adobe Air, or just designing it in native code.

My issue revolves around what I've read for iOS so far. For iOS almost all of what I've found so far, whether it's using RhoStudio or Appcelerator Titanium, seems to require that I have a Mac with OSX first in order to get the SDK -- with the only work around on Windows being running Mac OSX on a secondary HDD or a virtualized environment - which violates TOS.

I've also read that native code will still execute faster/more efficiently than the other methods.

This leads me to a few questions: 1) Is there anything that I have not yet looked up that would be capable of designing the app through multiple platforms, but developed strictly in Windows? Or do they all require to be done with Mac OSX in some way, shape, or form?

2) Is HTML5/CSS/JS even worth looking into, or would performance not be worth it? I recall reading that Facebook's app was originally designed in this method, which is why the performance was bad, but I don't know if there were other factors to it as well.

3) I have found something called Codename One, which so far seems the most promising for cross-compatible development done in Java, but would it really be beneficial? Or would I wind up running into the same issue that I am having with requiring a Mac in the end?

4) Finally: Would it be better to just bite the bullet and purchase a Mac with OSX on it, learn Objective-C, develop it through Native code and then port it to Android/Blackberry?

I know some of these questions have been covered before, but not all of them are up to date - and I know new cross-platform developers have been released since then. The main thing I'm trying to find is what is the overall best solution to cross development that involves iOS, because most workarounds with Mac seem to void TOS.

I'd appreciate and welcome any available information - Bitwize

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Answer by : user1797508November 04, 2012 04:09

It really depends upon what you want to develop and who you want to develop for. It you want high quality, cutting edge, buy a Mac and go with native development for iOS. You may want to support other environments with HTML5.

Yes, HTML5 has a performance and usability hit, but it may be acceptable to your audience and budget.

I wrote an ebook about this available, even available to people with windows machines:)

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