Android Developer - How to create a searchable list?

Ask by : Craig Woodland November 03, 2012 21:30

I would like to have a database of items stored on the user's phone. I currently have everything set up using WebView pointed at my domain, but obviously this isnt ideal if the user is in a low-signal location.

If possible I would also like to be able to search the list for multiple words.

Any pointers to tutorials etc would be ideal. I'm a beginner at this (know PHP/JavaScript & HTML/CSS very well though!) so please bare with me... Thanks for any help.

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Answer by : AerinxNovember 03, 2012 21:30

In Android you'll want to use SQLite databases, here are some places from where I learned my way with databases in Android:

Start here:

Or here if you want to use an existing database:

If you decide on XML, though, you might want to read this instead:

Here you have a tutorial involving both methods, downloading data in XML format, parsing it and storing the information on a database, probably the guide you want to read if you're starting with Android, since it covers pretty much what you are trying to achieve, probably :P

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